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23, Account Executive , From Ermelo


Vanessa describes herself as pure hearted, ambitious, bold, social and an extrovert. She has a Media Studies diploma and is a radio station Account Executive. Vanessa dislikes judgmental and dishonest people and her hidden talent is that she thinks she is a dog-whisperer. Proud of everything she has achieved in her life so far, Vanessa says her role model is her brother. She thinks the best thing about South Africans is their different cultures and respect for each other.

The multi-lingual Vanessa speaks Afrikaans, English and some Zulu. On Big Brother Mzansi, Vanessa plans to challenge herself and have fun with her mind set on the goal which is “bringing home the money”!

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[Day 5: 21:55] Things are difficult between the girls and Vanessa's thinking about leaving the
[Day 28: 19:10] Vanessa gives Lungile the 411 on life outside the House and her observations
[Day 21: 19:58] It is the end of the Big Brother Mzansi Secrets game for her.
[Day 21: 19:55] Here is a look at the time Vanessa spent inside the Big Brother House.

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